We Are All Children of God

My story of MOH almost seems unbelievable. For as long as I can remember, my heart has beat for Haiti and it’s people. Whenever I would see pictures of beautiful Haitians or Haiti itself, my heart would well up and I knew what passion was. I dreamed of visiting but fear kept me from hopping the small pond and jumping into love.

Summer of 2013, while working at summer camp, my best friend Joni sent me an anonymous letter that said ‘LETS GO TO HAITI.”

Just a few weeks later we bought our plane tickets, for November at MOH!

Here’s where it gets interesting!

Two weeks before Haiti, my friend Stefanie fell down her stairs and broke her ankle, causing us to reschedule our Haiti date to February. We were all so upset and disappointed because we had been waiting for what seemed like forever to visit! But on the day we were supposed to arrive in Haiti, my dad was diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer. It was then I knew that I wasn’t supposed to be in Haiti that week.

February rolls around, and 1 week before Haiti! Woo! So much excitement! But on the other hand, my dad fell very sick this week. So we had to reschedule another week to visit MOH, ANOTHER plane ticket transfer fee, and a very hard season, my Dad passed away the week I was supposed to be in Haiti.

I wept for the loss of my father, and because I felt like God didn’t want me in Haiti, and I wanted to be there so terribly. But it turns out that God was preparing me for the week I would spend there in April.

April. We finally made it. Stefanie, Joni, and myself finally made it to Port au Prince.

A painful, beautiful journey and I learned that God’s timing is incredible. He knew where I needed to be and carried me with Him. He prepared my heart and made me so sensitive to the precious babies and children without their dads. I got to weep with them. Feel with them. So many precious children without parents, and I got to empathize with them. What a redemption my life is, the lives of the Haitians, and beautiful Haiti itself. The road to MOH showed me so incredibly much about our great God is, how much He intervenes on our behalf, and I pray so many of God’s sweetest blessings on this awesome ministry.