Everyday I wake up knowing that God chose me to meet the people’s needs. This is the path God has me on.

I love what I do. At Mission of Hope we believe in serving people both spiritually and physically. In Haiti, when people are sick, there’s nowhere to go. They do not have money for hospitals or doctors.

So Mission of Hope has a clinic where people line up before sunrise for medical care. Even if they have money or not we serve them. Dr. Jennifer runs the clinic.

In our clinic, we have a prosthetic lab. We also help with vision, restoring site to those who can’t see clearly. We also have dental care, a nutrition program, and a diabetics education program. Soon, we will also have a professional surgical center.

In Haiti, there is much sickness. So we also go into the community. We have 20 different villages where we set up mobile clinics. I lead teams of North American doctors and nurses into the villages to provide care.

This girl has a major burn, she has a limb that she cannot move.

“She’s out of meds.”

“Ok. So we have tylenol and ibuprofen.”

“I think we need a cream too.”

I like when I can explain to them their diagnosis, the way to take medicine, and they can feel better.

“You will be healed”

I can not do this job, this hard job, by myself. It is important that the North American teams, continue to come to help. We have benefited from their expertise and they come to help the people.

These two girls, they are twins. They are 5 years old and they look like 2 years old.

“I’m going to do a check up on you. I’m going to listen to your heart.”

They are severely malnourished. We come here to give them food and vitamins.

In the past, I wanted to be a doctor to earn the money, but now, I am a doctor to serve people. Because Jesus served people, I have to serve them too.

“Lord we thank you for Father, for another day. We lift these two kids up to you. You already know them; therefore, do something for them. Do something for them. Please. They need you.”

Sometimes I feel tired, but I know that God has called me to do this. We are His hands and feet.