Mission of Hope

An Important Update From Haiti

Monday, July 9, 2018

Haiti should not be defined by the past 48 hours. Our focus should remain on the hope that we have seen in the last 20 years! Even in the midst of all that is being reported today, God is moving through His local church! Just last night, one of our Haitian pastors in Source Matelas was able to meet personally with some of the protesters that had come to his village and minister to them. This was possible because of so many people’s investment with us over the years in prayer, financial support, and boots-on-the-ground training and ministry.

While there definitely are a few people in Haiti causing issues right now, there are literally millions of other Haitians who have great hope for their nation. Our prayer is that this renewed focus on Haiti, no matter the original cause, would once again allow the world to see the beauty of this nation and her people. While there are definitely many difficulties in Haiti, there are many MORE possibilities of hope.

We are asking our entire Mission of Hope family to pray for:

  • Wisdom and courage for the leaders of Haiti
  • The Haitian church, with pastors and leaders just like our Source Matelas pastor, who are leading and shepherding well, no matter the chaos around them
  • All of our Mobilization teams that have the unexpected opportunity to work on campus improvements for upcoming teams to enjoy
  • Every man, woman, and child that is being impacted by the poverty and need that provide the impetus for these demonstrations in the first place
  • Quick resolution to the current political unrest, so that our teams, both Haitians and North Americans, can return to their Kingdom-sized work

As an organization, we are anticipating God using these events to do something even greater than we can imagine! Stay tuned for more updates and ways that you can continue to be a part of the story that God is writing in this beautiful country!

Haiti Protests Do Not Define Haiti: A Message from Brad Johnson