The Sweetness of God

Two years ago I came to Haiti for the first time. My team served in the village of Minoterie for the week, where I instantly fell in love with a little boy named Schneider who was 11 years old at the time. The whole week we would work and play together. Whenever he saw our cantor driving into the village, he would come running after it with his huge smile! I never thought a little boy would impact my life in such a significant way. He taught me what it meant to trust God with my whole heart and he also gave me a passion to serve internationally. For the past two years I have been praying for him every single day. Last week I led a team to Minoterie.  I had not been back to the village since arriving in Haiti. I was so excited to go back because there was a possibility of seeing Schneider again, but I was also very nervous because he was simply one boy out of a village of thousands. I had a sinking feeling that I wouldn’t see him again and that I had gotten my hopes up for nothing.  Our bus pulled into Minoterie, and my heart was pounding as I was looking out the windows anxiously trying to find him. Our bus driver opened to door and as I was about to pray, I looked down the stairs to see Schneider standing right at the foot of the door smiling up at me.  I started crying because of how good God has been to me. (As I reflect, I’m still blown away at how God brought Schneider straight to me.) I got off the bus and hugged him for so long. I told him that I have been praying for him for two years and that he was always on my heart. I can honestly say it was the happiest day of my life! Unfortunately, we were not able to come back to Minoterie that week which broke my heart knowing I would not see my little guy again. However, I’m surrounded by such great people at MOH that love and care for me. My translator friend ended up bringing Schneider to church this past Sunday so I could sing, pray, and worship Jesus with him.

Today, at VBS on the main campus, a schoolgirl came up to me rather shyly as I was walking down to the church. She stopped me and asked if I knew Schneider. It turns out she was Schneider’s cousin, and had heard about me from Schneider. It was such a heart-warming moment for me knowing that there is substance to our relationship. God is really teaching me valuable lessons about perseverance and love through my little friend!