The Power of One

The setting is beautiful, the moon is but a thumbnail in the sky, the stars are shining from the sky with a particular brilliance rarely seen in the crowded states and the air is warm and tinged with the salt off the ocean.  On the roof of the dorm with hammocks hanging empty the teams are gathered for their debrief before heading back to the states.  After receiving the details for their departure, Rachel Durban, MOH’s Mobilization Logistics Whiz, takes to the microphone to challenge the teams with some thought provoking questions as they reflect on their time in Haiti; “What surprised you this week?” followed by another ”Where did God reveal Himself to you?”  Several team members share answers that speak to a week well spent loving on Haiti and it’s people.  There are nods of agreement as people listen to one another, smiles and exhaustion both clearly marking their faces.  Rachel listens and then speaks a resonating word about reaching the one and how to not be defeated by the whole.  Her words are powerful and reach into my heart to once again remind me of God’s view, that each person is important.  Others may look at a country or people group and start to feel defeated about how to reach them ALL with Jesus’ love but Jesus is about relationship and love as is so often shown in the gospels. He is seen walking along with 2 or 3 deep in conversation, or  pouring into his 12 chosen disciples, or having a conversation at a well with a particular woman, or eating a meal at a friend’s home.  Jesus showed the power of relationship and how loving on the one can reach a nation.  Remember that woman at the well?  She went and told the entire town about this Jesus. Those disciples?  They shared the news with entire people groups. Rachel’s words were a reminder of that kind of power, how just sharing the love of Jesus through conversation, or painting a house, or visiting a sponsored child or for me, just working in the Austin office supporting the team in Haiti can still reach the one and can change the nation with the love of Jesus.  His love is powerful enough to reach from one to thousands to millions.  After all, He was also the One who multiplied the loaves and fishes.  It all begins with sharing Him with the one; every man, woman and child.