Role Models

July has been an incredible month of growth for our Village of Hope kids, especially for our teenagers, ages 12-17. As the summer ramped up, so did our “Little Interns” program. In this program, the teens shadow Mission of Hope interns as they serve in the Haitian villages. These young leaders have developed skills in translating, hospitality, and evangelism. Their desires and passion to serve people this summer has been truly inspiring. One of the activities that the “Little Interns” are most passionate about is participating in off-campus ministry. For Bernadine, Dageline, Rose Myrtha, and Thamara, four of our Hope House kids in the program, off-campus ministry means getting to interact with the local villagers and learn about their stories. While serving in the village of Tiloganave, these girls met a young woman who lacked baby food, diapers, and other supplies for her new baby girl. Without any prompting, the four girls collected supplies and personally bought the woman diapers and baby food. The next day, the girls gave the supplies to the young woman’s local pastor to be given to the new mom. Not only did these four girls personally meet the need, but they decided to give the glory to the local church! We could not be more proud of our “Little Interns” as they continue to impact teams, interns, staff, and local Haitians with their servant hearts this summer! Your support of the Village of Hope is creating leaders who are modeling Christ to their neighbors!