Vision Ninety
Our Mission Is To Provide Long-Term Housing For 90 Displaced Families And At-Risk Women Currently Living In Tents In Minoterie.
Project Status: Complete
The goal of this initiative is to place these 90 families into permanent concrete homes on land they can farm, and continue to be served by MOH as we seek to stabilize, equip, and empower these families to thrive.

Minoterie is a village that MOH is serving to help bring life transformation to every man, woman, and child through the local churches in the village. MOH has served Minoterie with several projects, including latrine construction, painting houses, planting trees, house roof repairs, house construction, school repairs, goat distribution and family-sized water filters. Along with one of our Church Advancement partners, MOH recently completed a major clean water project, providing a clean water option, sanitation, and hygiene training to the entire community.

As part of the overall strategy to facilitate life transformation for the people of this village, there has arisen a unique need for long-term housing for 90 displaced families currently living in tents, which places these women and children at great risk.