Sports Complex
To Promote Community Wellness And Share The Gospel Through Sports
Project Status: Construction
Investing in the spiritual, physical, and community-wide transformation of our surrounding villages through the setup and operation of a sports recreation center

Community residents and particularly adolescents have very few opportunities for highly engaged spiritual discipleship and sports mentoring. More specifically, there is a crisis of leadership development amongst Haitian young men and women in Haiti, as less than 20% of young men and women make it into high school and even fewer have models of behavioral discipline and leadership to follow.

In a strategic effort to serve and disciple Haiti’s young men and women, MOH plans to construct a sports facility equipped with soccer fields, basketball courts, a basketball stadium, a weight training facility, and a soccer & track stadium in an initiative to establish recreational and competitive sports programs serving 10-25 year old students and athletes. At MOH, we believe these facilities and programs are one of the most strategic offerings we can provide to build relationships with young men and women, presenting them with the good news and adventure of Jesus Christ, and ultimately developing them into mature leaders with respect for authority, others and themselves.