Minoterie School
To Serve The Children Of Minoterie With An Excellent Christ-Centered Education.
Project Status: Complete
Minoterie is a rapidly growing coastal fishing village with an at-risk community in desperate need of education.

Many of its residents are displaced families who moved there after their homes were destroyed in the 2010 earthquake. There are very few jobs in Minoterie, many children live on the streets, and very few can afford an education. A large number of primary age children are without access to a quality education. The children of this community need an opportunity to learn to read and write and grow in a sense of purpose and value, so that they can have hope for a better future. Giving these children access to a quality education will help raise up a generation that has the power to overcome generations of hopelessness and change the trajectory of their lives.

Sponsorship Opportunities

We are looking to pre-sponsor the students of the new MOH Minoterie School - Dobbs and Reed Primary School. All donations made between now and the start of the new school year will help to outfit the school with new desks, chairs, chalkboards, etc. Once we collect the registration information and pictures of the new students, we will send out profiles to all their sponsors. If you are interested in sponsoring a student in Minoterie please email our team at sponsorship@mohhaiti.org.