Grace House
An Assisted Living Facility Providing Medical, Spiritual, And Daily Care To Elderly Residents.
Project Status: Complete
In a strategic effort to address the need for elder care, the government of Haiti has asked Mission of Hope to help care for this demographic of hurting and abandoned people.

The Grace House is an assisted living facility built to address the dire need for elderly care in Haiti. Many of Haiti’s elderly have no family members willing or able to care for them, leaving them to fend for themselves and often homeless. Grace House provides medical, spiritual, and daily assisted care to residents. It is a living monument to the call to care for those who cannot care for themselves.

The Grace House has capacity to care for 40 residents, and facilities include living quarters, a cafeteria, a common area, and a medical exam room. We hope the Grace House will represent a clarion call to value and serve an under-appreciated demographic.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorship is critical for MOH to meet the daily needs of the elderly living in the Grace House. Your support allows these residents to receive quality care and the support they need to live out this chapter of their lives with dignity and hope. We believe in life transformation for every man, woman and child, no matter how old or young. Please consider enlarging your family tree today by sponsoring a branch for one of our residents.