Obedience and Shoes

Chris Ryals, Assistant Medical Coordinator for MOH, shares a recent God moment:

“I am so thankful for God pursuing me today! Lately I have been tired, in a repeat cycle, and just praying that I could come out of it. Today at mobile clinic in a new village, I was able to feel, see, and hear God in a way that I never have before. I just finished playing soccer with some kids, and I was sitting outside of the church trying to cool off because I was soaking wet with sweat. I was by myself looking down at my shoes when I felt like the Lord was telling me to leave my shoes with someone. We were in a mountain village, so a pair of shoes is a big deal for someone. Almost every kid that had shoes had their toes busted out the front of them and they were falling apart. So in this moment, I am trying to process how I would choose, because the need was so overwhelming to me. That’s when God took over! After about 2-3 minutes of processing through these thoughts, a kid about 14 years old came and sat by me. He looked at me, looked down at my shoes, and pointed to the sky!! I literally almost lost it! I felt God in that moment so overwhelmingly that I could not deny what was happening. I tried to start talking to the kid, but he was deaf and could not speak with me. So I went and found the village elder and told him what just happened and that I was going to give that kid my shoes at the end of the day. I went home shoeless today and with a full heart!”