The Need For

Nutrition In Haiti

Our nutrition program started as a result of our education initiative. It was quickly realized that children who were not properly nourished were having a hard time concentrating and learning in school. Our first year of having the school in 1998, we had 230 children. We quickly realized there was a problem - kids were fainting in the classrooms because they were hungry. That very next day, we went to the local market and bought a peanut grinder. We hired a lady and she made peanut butter. The nutrition program had launched!

What We’re Doing Now

Through our partnership with Convoy of Hope, and over 390 partners in country, we are able to feed over 91,000 meals a day now to children in schools and orphanages throughout Haiti. For many children, a school time meal provided by Mission of Hope may be the only food they receive during the day. The program allows us to provide meals, vitamins, health education and hope in Jesus to a generation in need in a way that is economically responsible and beneficial to our communities.

A big part of the vision to see Haiti transformed long-term is through sustainable local agriculture and meal packaging initiatives. These programs help farmers improve their livelihoods, provide for their families, and can ultimately play a big role in feeding the children of Haiti. And they also open up many new ministry opportunities to share the Gospel.

We've already seen triple digit increase in yields where we've introduced the seed loan and farmer training program through local churches. And as each participating farmer tithes back a portion of their first year harvest we have locally grown food available for school nutrition. We've also launched an in country meal packaging initiative where we buy and package crops locally into nutritious meals for students and orphans, further supporting Haiti's farmers and agriculture sustainability.

Our plans for the future

With our partner Convoy of Hope, we built a 35,000 square foot warehouse. This will allow us to reach our goal of feeding 200,000 meals per day to hungry children in Haiti. Our partners who will help us reach this goal include Convoy of Hope, Feed My Starving Children, Stop Hunger Now, and Kids Against Hunger.