Not Me, Lord!

What does Bible translation in the South Pacific have to do with Mission of Hope Haiti (MOH) you might ask? Serving in Haiti through MOH and seeing how God is using MOH to reach every man, woman and child in Haiti for Christ was integral to myself, my wife Terry, and our three children joining in full-time ministry with Wycliffe Bible Translators on the aviation team In Papua, New Guinea.

I wish I could share that I have been working on being a “missionary” for a long time, but in reality God has and I haven’t. Terry had it on her heart much earlier than me to go and serve; I was focused on my career as an airline pilot and how I was going to provide the American dream for my young family. She continued to pray for God to reveal to me that we could be a part of the Great Commission too.

It wasn’t until I went to Mission of Hope Haiti through Hill Country Bible Church – Austin after the earthquake in 2010 that I got a glimpse of what serving God could look like for me. After that experience, I told God that I would go serve Him, but only if I could keep my airline job and commute from Miami to Port au Prince and do “missions work” on the side. For some reason that never worked – I now understand that God wanted my first and best, not my leftovers in serving Him. I also didn’t’t see how a former marketing director and airline pilot could be a part of God’s plan to reach the unreached.

There was a part of me that doubted if I was “Christian” enough to be a missionary, I had only come to know the Lord as my Savior in 2003.  Surely He couldn’t use me. As ridiculous as it sounds that was a stronghold in my mind. During prayer I visualized myself at the foot of the cross saying,  “I haven’t done enough for you to go and serve you Lord.” The response was “It is done – let’s go.”

During some quiet time last Christmas Terry and I prayed Isaiah 6:8 and responded, “Here are we, send us.” Through that prayer God connected us with a number of sending organizations. When we spoke with Wycliffe, our recruiting contact asked us to consider a position on the aviation team that would create local sustainability for Bible translation. This required someone with a business and aviation background. I was awed by the fact that not only could God use someone like me, but had specifically equipped me to fill a need to ensure that Bible-less people could learn of His Son.

Although the island that our family will be serving on is some 10,000 miles away from Haiti, we are committed to staying connected with MOH through our sponsor child, Angelie, a resident of the Hope House. It is our prayer that those who visit Mission of Hope continue to have their heart broken for those not in a relationship with Christ and will respond to God’s call. Maybe that response for you will be through prayer or financial investment, but maybe in your quiet time of prayer, you also will find God calling you to be used for His Kingdom purposes in reaching every man, woman and child with the transforming reality of Jesus Christ.

If I can be a resource in helping you find how you can serve our King, please contact me anytime.

Erik Lofgren
mobile: 512.560.9390

Wycliffe Bible Translators
Aviation Manager
Papua New Guinea