My Love Haiti Relationship

Angelie’s smile is contagious, and joy radiates from her, which is why she is such a familiar face on social media! Holly Hilderbrand, her Village of Hope sponsor, is passionate about Haiti and sponsoring Angelie! She shares her story below…

“My ‘Love Haiti Relationship’ began the moment I stepped on the plane over 2 years ago. Flying over the mountains, the ocean, the houses — I became increasingly excited about visiting this place I had heard so much about.

I remember going on my adventure, after sponsoring Angelie for 6 months, and hoping that she was as excited to meet me, as I was to meet her. How could I have known her spirit would change mine forever? We are created so similar…she’s vivacious, full of life, a ball of energy, and smiles a lot!

Hearing her story allowed me to bond with her in a way that forever changed my view of how to pray for her today and in the future. It really is humbling and touching that there’s this little person that I knew from pictures, and now we share a relationship. It’s an immensely rewarding experience. I’ve had the opportunity to visit her 3 different times and each time our relationship becomes a little bit sweeter.

Through Mission of Hope, Angelie will have the ability to move her life in a positive direction. Her smile on my fridge brightens my day every day and as I pause to reflect on my time with her and pray. This experience has been so much more than just giving money. Angelie is a part of my family.

Mother Theresa once said, ‘I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.’ I invite you to come be a part of the ripples with me and others at Mission of Hope creating life transformation for every man, woman and child of Haiti. I promise, you won’t regret it!”

There are many Village of Hope children available for sponsorship, and you can be a branch of their “Family Tree” and become a vital part of their life transformation just like Holly. Follow this link to see the children and check out the updates to our orphan sponsorship program: