The Hidden Blessings of Sponsorship

The Leffin family has been honored to sponsor Josephat Noel/Wicky the past 7 years.  We met Wicky at Mission of Hope when we went to Haiti on a family mission trip and Wicky was our translator for the week.  We were so impressed by his love for God, his love for Haiti, and his infectious personality and spirit.  Later that year my husband, John was attending a golf event promoting MOH and he saw Wicky’s picture on one of the sponsorship cards.  John recognized that smile immediately and our sponsorship journey began.  Wicky was in high school at the time.  Wicky graduated from high school and had a desire to go to college to study business. 

We made a family decision to continue sponsoring him through college.  Wicky began attending college in Port au Prince in the Fall of 2009.  In January 2010 the earthquake destroyed his college.  After exploring many alternatives, Wicky decided to continue his college education in the Dominican Republic.  Wicky graduated with a Business Degree in November of 2014 and John and I were honored to attend his graduation ceremony in the DR.  Wicky is currently working at MOH as part of the operations team, which includes working with the nutrition program and Three Cords.

We as a family have been so blessed by this sponsorship, that has become a beautiful relationship.  One of my biggest blessings was getting the opportunity to sing with Wicky at the church service at MOH on May 3rd.  I was so honored and proud to stand next to Wicky and once again experience his love for God.   We witnessed his love for Haiti and MOH as we saw him in action working during the week at MOH, and we were able to reconnect with his family and see how he has provided for them in such a beautiful way.  Who knew that there were so many blessings in store for our family 7 years ago when we decided to sponsor Wicky?  God knew!!