God’s plans are the BEST!

It is always an awesome blessing to hear stories of how God is moving through MOH.  We know He desires to bring the people of Haiti to Him and He certainly uses many different people and methods to do so; recently Blake Steczkowski, a student at Texas A&M, shared his story of how God pursued him to serve the people of Haiti!

“Ever since middle school I knew that I wanted to have a career in the medical field in some form or another.  I also felt God had placed missions on my heart and believed that could be something I would pursue later in life.  What I was not sure of was how those two things would fit together. As a sophomore in high school, I continued to pray that God would reveal what he wanted for my life when in 2010, the earthquake devastated Haiti. Little did I realize that God would use such a terrible event 2000 miles away to reveal what He wanted for my life. 

 At the time I knew nothing about Mission of Hope and I didn’t know much about Haiti either. Directly after the earthquake, my church became involved in some of the relief efforts and it was at this time I learned what the Lord had been doing for quite some time in the country of Haiti and through Mission of Hope. One Sunday I was sitting in church and a video of some of the relief efforts was shown updating the congregation on what was going on in Haiti and how our church was partnering with Mission of Hope and assisting in the relief efforts. At one point a prosthetist appeared on the video and began to explain how he had been able to help in the aftermath of the Earthquake. At that moment I knew that I should pursue prosthetics as a career. I had certainly never considered that as a possibility but I knew without a doubt that’s what I was being called to do with my life.

 In 2011 and 2012 I was blessed with the incredible opportunity to travel to Haiti and Mission of Hope. Being able to see a little bit of what was going on at the prosthetics clinic was truly life changing. I could tell all that was happening there was the work of the Lord. Fast-forward 4 years and I am now a junior at Texas A&M pursuing a degree to become a prosthetist and Lord willing use that as a tool for ministry. God used Mission of Hope, even in the midst of devastation, to reveal what He had planned for my life. I am so thankful that the faithfulness of Brad and Vanessa Johnson and their desire to reach the country of Haiti has also altered my life, 2000 miles away!”