Fighting For One


In May, several Mission of Hope staff members met a sweet woman named Marie Myrtha.  She was lying on the floor of her home, in the mud.  She was crying from pain because she had a shattered hip and broken femur. Many of our visiting team members met with Marie and loved on her through the summer as we worked on finding her medical treatment.  Vanessa Johnson was one of the MOH members who worked to find help for Marie.  Vanessa recently used social media to share her experience, and below are her posts to Facebook.  They beautifully track the grace of God in Marie’s life:

“Last week when I was in Haiti I was able to visit this sweet little lady again.  She is in desperate need of medical care. In May she fell and broke her femur and shattered her hip. The surgery that she needs is very complicated and expensive in Haiti but she is in excruciating pain and needs relief. Today I received potentially good news for possible surgery for her. The USS Comfort will be docked in PAP from Sept 11-18. It was confirmed they can do orthopedic surgery and will have a surgeon. It’s not possible to set an appointment but our medical team is planning to take her in early on the 11th and see what God does. Lots of prayer needed!!

The USS Comfort has docked in Haiti!!! Marie Myrtha will be heading to the ship tomorrow at 4:00 AM! Please pray we can get her seen, as we know demand will far exceed ability to help!!!

We have many sad hearts this morning as our sweet friend was turned away and cannot get in for surgery this week as the schedule on the USS Comfort is already full. Please pray for provision for Marie Myrtha, as her need for this surgery is unimaginable!!! Pray for her heart to trust that the Lord’s purpose prevails always. #‎courage

Prayer is so powerful! Thank you all for your prayers for Marie Myrtha! One of the many hurdles that she has been facing is no longer a concern for her. Today I received a call telling me that someone would like to fully fund the expenses of her surgery! I am in awe of this generosity and the way the Lord moves in the hearts of those who fully love and trust him! Words cannot express the joy and thanks I have right now.”