The Need For

Education In Haiti

For every 100 children in Haiti, 40 will never go to school. Of the 60 children who do, 42 will complete primary school, 20 will attend secondary school programs, and only 5 students will go on to graduate from high school. We’re working to change that! Quality education is vital in our effort to improve the economic structure of Haiti.

What We’re doing now

The School of Hope has approximately 6,000 students enrolled per school year in Kindergarten through High School. Mission of Hope has emerged in the top 5% of schools in the country.

students impacted through education
Teachers trained in 2017
schools through Mission of Hope and the PASFOME network
nutritious meals served daily

Our Vision

School of Hope

Our goal is to continue expanding opportunities to the 40% of children who lack the opportunity to receive an education. Mission of Hope will also work to train and empower local teachers within the Network of Hope with materials, updated curriculum and teaching seminars promoting best practices. Ultimately we hope to reach a network of over 100 schools.

Mwen Kapab

We are working to write a Christ-centered curriculum with American and Haitian educators that can be used in every school throughout Haiti. This curriculum, known as “Mwen Kapab” or “I can” in English.