College Graduation

College graduation is an incredible moment and accomplishment in a person’s life.  But in Haiti it is especially significant since less than 1% of high school graduates ever receive a secondary education.  We recently spoke with some college graduates who work with Mission of Hope or attended school here.  Here are their stories and dreams for the future.

Reuben Marcellus
Reuben is 30-years-old and just finished five years of college with a degree in Civil Engineering. He was born in Port-au-Prince, which is where he attended high school. He works at Mission of Hope in construction, church advancement, and maintenance. The biggest challenge he faced in college was learning how to balance work and school. Reuben says that because he is graduating college, he now has direction and focus in life. He wants to use his skills to serve his country and make it better.


Ricardo Charles
Ricardo is 29-years-old and is graduating with a degree in civil engineering. He is from Minoterie and attended high school in Port-au-Prince.  He has worked at Mission of Hope for four years as a project manager assistant.  He is married, and his wife graduated the year before. He believes that working at Mission of Hope has changed his life and grown him spiritually. He does not have a job lined up just yet, but he wants to combine ministry and construction. He is the first person in his family to graduate.


Augustin Belony
Augustin graduated from Mission of Hope in 2011. He is 26-years-old and after five years of study, he has graduated college with a degree in Civil Engineering. He is currently looking for a job and wants develop his country by working for organizations like Mission of Hope that have the greater mission of helping Haiti. His dreams for Haiti are to see the people empowered and supported. Augustin said that there is no way to say thank you to those who have sponsored him along the way and helped him reach this goal. He believes that God will bless those who have been faithful in helping and supporting the people of Haiti. He desires to continue his education to gain a Master’s degree, because he believes that education is the key to changing the next generation of leaders in Haiti.


Inova Joseph
Inova was a student at Mission of Hope and graduated from there in 2009. She has finished her college degree in Business Administration. She is searching for a job and is open to working anywhere the Lord leads her. She believes that Mission of Hope helped her accomplish more than she would ever accomplish and that it has transformed her life spiritually. She believes that God has called her to be a great example where she works by her character and her faith. She is so thankful for the sponsors who have helped her reach her dreams. Inova is the first person out of her family to graduate college.