Celebrating God’s Faithfullness

On July 27 our Marmelade Farm Field School (FFS) hosted their first “field day” for the local farming community to celebrate the triumph of their recent crop season. Through the farm school, local farmers learned not only about the importance of maintaining and stimulating an agricultural community, but also about the impact that a Christ-centered focus could have on an entire region. Throughout the day, local farmers had the opportunity to share stories, knowledge, and testimonies of how God has worked through their agricultural community and how to build on their current success. FFS farmers performed several songs, visual presentations, and even a skit to showcase God’s faithfulness throughout this crop season. It was evident that the farmers were not only eager to share their newfound knowledge, but they were excited to give thanks to God. It was an exciting affirmation of the work God is doing through the agriculture programs, and we are thankful for the support of our sponsors who are helping change a nation!