Be Love Today

My heart was opened so wide during a quick visit to the Haiti Deaf Children’s Home on a recent morning. It was a unique situation to not be able to communicate verbally at all, not even in Creole.  But God brought me back to the language of love. He reminded me that words aren’t always necessary to communicate love. I felt so loved by these sweet children through their presence and actions alone. Whether they clung to my neck, grabbed my hand, kissed my cheeks or tried signing to me, I knew we were on the same page. It was understood that we were happy to be in each other’s presence. I was content in my body but my soul is still wrestling with the enormous social barriers these people face in a country where deaf & disabled are often seen as outcasts. Over 90% of the children at this home came in knowing no language at all, some not knowing their name or even understanding that they had a name. So it has been quite amazing to see how God is using this ministry to change the negative stigma and raise up leaders! Go out & BE love today…no words required.