3 Cords Rocks Texas

What do Haitians, Texans, and Grammy award winning musicians all have in common?  Spirit Fest, Central Texas’ largest family Christian music festival!  In November, the 3 Cords business was provided the opportunity to be a sponsor and have a booth at Spirit Fest!  This was by far the biggest event they’d ever considered and it carried a lot of risk in terms of expense and uncertainty in terms of organizing and staffing!

As the event day approached, the staff and amazing volunteers sprung into action getting everything ready. Many long hours were spent selecting products, setting up the booth, configuring all the software, finding people to staff the event and so forth. But most importantly, the team requested prayer over the event and that it be a fruitful endeavor in allowing people to learn more about 3 Cords and Mission of Hope.

On the morning of the event the team prayed one last time and then the fun began!  Throughout the day God orchestrated some amazing things. The local radio station that organized the event fell in love with 3 Cords and had their staff wear some of the products around the festival grounds and promoted them on the radio!  The 3 Cords team was also interviewed and appeared on the concert Jumbotron sending hundreds of people to the booth who all wanted to wear Cords or a Bando that matched their outfit during the festival.   Pretty soon other sponsors got into the act wearing Cords during their interview spots as well!

At one point the booth was so crowded people could not get in.  After the event ended people were still coming to buy 3 Cords items as everything was being packed up.  The final tally with the sales results equaled almost exactly what the team had boldly prayed for that morning and allowed 3 Cords to fund other Mission of Hope ministry activities that month.  God is so good!

Mission of Hope is so blessed and so thankful to have amazing volunteers and supporters who demonstrate joy and passion in supporting 3 Cords and all the other ministries! You all rock!!