Mission of Hope
Sponsor a Resident
at the Grace House

Sponsoring a resident is easy to do. Just click on a photo of one of our residents below, and sign up to sponsor one or more of their family tree branches. It takes 10 sponsorships to fully provide for the needs of our residents.

Sponsorship funds are used to provide:

  • A safe, clean place to live
  • 3 meals a day
  • Daily medical care unique to their specific needs
  • Fulltime care givers living on site
  • Daily activities celebrating their talents and gifts
  • End of life medical care
  • Funeral and Burial

Meet And Sponsor A Resident

Andrelina Louis

70 years old

Andrelina Louis needs 7 more sponsors at $50 per month.

Anne Merci Georges

75 years old

Anne Merci Georges needs 7 more sponsors at $50 per month.

Asidas Moise

73 years old

Asidas Moise is fully sponsored!.

Elimene Dorsainvil

59 years old

Elimene Dorsainvil needs 9 more sponsors at $50 per month.

Ermilia Georges

81 years old

Ermilia Georges is fully sponsored!.

Saint Jean Petit Frere

76 years old

Saint Jean Petit Frere needs 7 more sponsors at $50 per month.

Ylioma Civil

86 years old

Ylioma Civil needs 8 more sponsors at $50 per month.