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3 years after the earthquake,
many families are still living in tent homes!
Our goal is to provide 650 of these families with long-term houses.
Each home costs about $6,000 to build.

Please consider giving a gift of any amount today to help us reach our goal!

In January of 2010, a devastating earthquake left hundreds of thousands of Haitians homeless, often lacking the means to rebuild their lives and their homes. Many well- intentioned organizations responded to meet the overwhelming immediate need by building temporary shelters and tents. These homes were meant to be a temporary solution but thousands of Haitian families are still living in these "tent" villages, amidst appalling living conditions.

Mission of Hope, in partnership with the Haitian Government and Hope for Haiti, began a project in November of 2010 called Blue to Block (previously known as MOH500). The initial goal was to build 500 new, long term homes for displaced families. Mission of Hope plans to complete 20 homes per month until the completion of the project.

Since the initiation of this project, Mission of Hope has also partnered with 410 Bridge to incorporate a deaf community from the La Piste slums into the community at Leveque. Upon completion of this project, an anticipated 650 homes will be built in the Leveque Community, 160 of which will be for deaf families.

Each 42’ x 90’ lot provides a 16’ x 19’ three room block home, with a patio and a patio awning. Each home also has a toilet (outhouse) and a shower room (outside). The home is also painted inside and out. In addition, we are planting moringa trees, almond trees, and fruit trees on each lot and around the community. Each home costs approximately $6,000 to build.

The overall objective of Blue to Block is to build a community, not just a housing project. This is being accomplished by establishing a church, school, market place, clean water solutions, and playing fields. The development of the Leveque Community is well underway. The church is under construction (completion planned for February 2013), a temporary community center houses a small marketplace, and soccer games take place every Tuesday night.

Over the last 18 months, Mission of Hope has moved in over 315 families, and are continuing to move in 20 families on the 7th of each month. Families are being moved from the tent village and deaf community based on a numbered drawing, that seeks to serve both the deaf community and the local tent communities equitably.

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